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Admissions Information
Ph.D. Master's International Students

What are the admissions requirements?




How can I check my primary application status?



What is the institution code for the GRE and TOEFL report?

The institution code for USF is 5828 and applies to all tests administered by ETS.



How do I submit my MCAT test score?

Submit a printout of your MCAT test scores with your secondary application. Our staff will verify your scores online.


- Indicate "MCAT Verification Code" in the email subject area

- In the email body include

- First and last name

- Social security number

- AAMC ID number

-Verification Code


Do I need to have a master’s degree in order to apply to the Ph.D. program?

The majority of our students enter our Ph.D. Program without a master’s degree. Students will receive a M.S. degree along the way.

How long will it take to graduate from the Ph.D. program?

Our students take an average of 5 years to complete the Ph.D. degree.

How can I find out if I am a competitive applicant for medical school?

Please view the AAMC website for the average percentage rates of U.S. Medical Schools acceptances based on MCAT score and GPA.

What funding is offered for the Ph.D. program?

Graduate research assistantships, supported primarily from research grants held by individual faculty members, are available through individual College of Medicine. Benefits for students who are admitted into the Ph.D. program include:

- $22,000 annual stipend
- Tuition waivers (excludes student fees)
- Medical insurance contribution
- Student travel awards




What is the difference between the two Medical Sciences concentrations?

The Medical Sciences master's program offers two curriculum tracks: one track is the pre-professional program, which is designed to assist students who are seeking admission in a health professional school (e.g., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., D.V.M., D.P.T., and Pharm.D. programs) and the second track is the research program that offers 3 concentrations, and is designed for students who want to pursue a career in research, or enter into a biomedical sciences Ph.D. program.

Are there any scholarships or graduate assistantships for the M.S. Medical Science students?

Unfortunately the School of Biomedical Sciences does not offer any scholarships or graduate assistantships to our master’s students. Many of our students use federal financial aid to help finance their graduate education.

What is the deadline for applying to the Master of Science in Medical Sciences Program?

The official deadline is June 1st; however, applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis until the end of August, or until the class reaches capacity.

What is the overall GPA for acceptance into the Master of Science in Medical Sciences Program?

The median overall GPA for acceptance into the program is 3.4.

Does the Master of Science in Medical Sciences require a Thesis?


When is my application reviewed for the Medical Sciences Program?

Applications are reviewed upon receipt of all credentials to complete your primary and secondary application (letters of recommendation, official transcripts, GRE and/or MCAT, resume and Personal Statement).

I have already applied to medical school; can I send the same letters to the M.S. in Medical Sciences Program?

Yes. You can have your recommendations written for medical or other health professional schools sent to our office from your university or college pre-health advising office. Letters can also be sent by Interfolio.

Does the M.S. degree in Medical Sciences guarantee acceptance into the USF medical school, or any other health professional program?

No. Gaining admission into a medical or other professional school is very competitive. While our program is designed to help students obtain a graduate degree, thus strengthening their professional school application, successful completion of our graduate program does not guarantee admission into a professional school.

What are the science pre-requisites?

2 semesters (one academic year) of the following: biology, general chemistry, physics and organic chemistry, including the respective laboratory sections.

I have a non-science baccalaureate degree; is the M.S. program a good fit for me?

You do not need to have completed an undergraduate degree in a science discipline; however, you must have already successfully completed the pre-medical science requirements prior to the start of classes. These requirements include 2 semesters of the following: biology, general chemistry, physics and organic chemistry, including laboratory sections. Students who have not completed these pre-requisites should speak with an undergraduate pre-health advisor about a post-baccalaureate premedical program. If you are currently taking the pre-requisites course, please note the classes are “in progress” on your science GPA calculator.

Suppose I don't meet the minimum GPA and/or test requirements for admissions?

Completing a certificate program is a good way to get a fresh start. Credits from the Health Science certificate can transfers into the 100% online Health Science master's concentration with approval from the director of the program. Please visit USF Graduate Certificates for more details regarding certificate programs.

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