Neurodevelopmental Medicine
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What is the Need?

Over 75,000 children (birth to age 18) in the Tampa Bay area have serious developmental or behavioral problems like autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), or traumatic brain injury (TBI). These conditions affect children their whole lives. Conditions that last a lifetime are called "lifespan illnesses." A lifespan illness affects every part of a child's life: even how she eats, plays, learns, etc.

Often kids with lifespan illnesses also have tough medical problems. As a result, families have to go to several different doctors in lots of different places to get the treatment they need. This approach to care increases the risk of miscommunication among caregivers and may also be an obstacle to offering consistent care. The USF Health Neurodevelopmental Medicine Program addresses those concerns through comprehensive services provided by a multidisciplinary team of pediatric professionals.

Who Are Our Patients?

  • Children with complex neurodevopmental, behavioral and learning problems.
  • Children with complex medical problems.
  • Children whose health, development and behavioral problems are the result of, or complicated by, detrimental environmental influences.

The USF Neurodevelopmental Medicine Program will provide multidisciplinary care to children and families struggling with complex medical, neurodevelopmental, behavioral and learning problems through strong clinical, academic and research linkages to departments and programs across USF Health, the USF campus and community.

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