Monsour Executive Wellness Center

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  • Welcome!

    From the board room to the exam room. The bottom line is...Your Wellness. At the Monsour Executive Wellness Center, we believe the patient comes first and deserves the best. We utilize the latest in advanced technology to give you the best preventative care possible.

  • The Ultimate Physical

    State-of-the-art technology, concierge level services, and qualified healthcare professionals make your experience at the Monsour Executive Wellness Center comprehensive and convenient!

  • Personalized... for You!

    From day one, you will feel the difference - a difference that will prolong your health and your life.

Monsour Executive Wellness Center at USF Health

Our Ultimate Physical is designed with the busy executive in mind, while providing efficiency and thoroughness. We pride ourselves on prevention and early disease detection—as well as recommendations for appropriate follow-up care.

Our concierge will work with the client to schedule the physical well in advance (typically 4 to 6 weeks) to accommodate busy schedules. The physical consists of diagnostic screenings, assessments and an extensive examination by one of our board-certified physicians. Blood work will be scheduled prior to the appointment and a phlebotomist will go either to the clients home or place of work to draw their blood. This allows for the results to be available the day of services.

Barbara Harken Monsour and Dr. Roger Monsour

The Monsour Executive Wellness Center was named for Barbara Harken Monsour and Dr. Roger Monsour, donors of a leadership gift to establish the Center and instrumental in the design and concepts of the program.

The Center is located within the Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare. A private suite for the executive provides the comforts of the office, including internet, telephone, and access to your personal health care concierge the day of services. Enjoy the comfortable furniture and environment, along with a healthy gourmet lunch prepared by Camille's.

H. James Brownlee, M.D.

H. James Brownlee, M.D.
Medical Director

A Message from H. James Brownlee, M.D., Medical Director

As a busy executive, we know that your time is valuable, but we also know that your contribution and health is key to the success of your organization.

Our goal is to provide excellence in executive health and preventative physicals. Our services are customized medical visits for each individual based on his or her current and past health, personal lifestyle and family medical history. I, along with our executive wellness team, deliver expert clinical diagnosis, health and lifestyle assessments and recommendations just for you.

We know that early diagnosis and detection is key in treating life threatening illnesses quickly and with much better success rates. You owe it to yourself, your company, and your family to be the CEO of your own health and take charge of your well being.