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Professionalism Survey/Incident Report


In order to better assess the professionalism and humanism of our medical students, medical residents and/or faculty members, we have created a survey that will permit anyone who is interested in providing the Office of Student Affairs with information. The survey may be completed if you would like us to know about a particularly good interaction with a student, resident, or faculty member, or if you have any concerns about the professionalism of the individual. The survey is meant for indicating the general behavior of an individual or a report of a single incident (e.g., mistreatment or inappropriate behavior, etc.). Reported incidents will be handled by the appropriate administrative authority in the College of Medicine. Submissions may be either identified or anonymous.

To complete a survey please go to the Medical Student Professionalism Survey / Incident Report at

Medical Student Professionalism Survey / Incident Report

If you are uncertain about an individual's name, we have provided pictures of the students with their name so you can readily identify the appropriate student.

All responses will be kept in confidence.