Office of Financial Aid
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Application Hints & Reminders

  1. Application materials for entering students are processed only after admission is final. Our priority deadline is March 1st of every year.
  2. Read and follow all instructions. Incomplete or incorrect information will delay the application process and could cause the applicant to be ineligible for financial aid for which he/she may have otherwise been eligible.
  3. You must reapply for financial aid each year.
  4. All correspondence must include your name and University ID number commonly known as your U Number on each page of every document.
  5. Federal Direct (Unsubsidized), Federal Direct Graduate/Professional PLUS, and ALP financial aid funds will be released to you by way of direct deposit or the mailing of a paper check.  Always be sure that your contact/banking information is current in your financial aid OASIS.
  6. If, after discussing with your family their ability to help with your school costs, you determined you will need to apply for a high interest loan (i.e. ALP), we suggest you request disbursements dates for these checks as late during the term as possible. The longer you delay receiving these funds, the longer you delay the beginning of interest accrual.