Signature Interdisciplinary Program in Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Disease
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Signature Interdisciplinary Research Program on Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases (SIPAIID) Pilot Grant Program

The Signature Interdisciplinary Program in Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases (SIPAIID) is currently funding pilot grants.  The awards will range from $5,000 to the maximum of $20,000 for one year of support. The SIPAIID pilot grant awards are a means to help scientists organize and collect preliminary data which is a necessity to receive major grant funding.  SIPAIID is extremely excited to help support all quality projects in research areas related to Allergy, Immunology and Infectious Diseases.  Funding of all high quality grant proposals will be considered, and evaluation will be based on criteria established by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  We specifically invite proposals from investigators in which their primary interest as follows:

1.  New investigators who have recently joined USF and its affiliated institutions.

2.  Members of SIPAIID who have no major outside funding.

3.  Proposals that foster collaboration between laboratories of SIPAIID members, especially those that propose collaboration between clinical and basic scientist members of SIPAIID.

4.   Proposals that receive matching funds from other sources.

5.   Grants submitted to NIH (RO types such as RO1, RO3, R21, R31) which received a good almost fundable score (15-25%), but need further preliminary data, and the Principal Investigator has no appropriate funds.

*Please Note:  Projects that are simply extensions of on-going research or that already have ample supporting data are discouraged.   

Peer Review & Assistance

Proposals will be evaluated by the SIPAIID Grant Review Board plus selected outside experts under the direction of the Grant Review Board Director, currently Peter Medveczky M.D., Professor of Molecular Medicine.  Review criteria includes but is not limited to: Significance, Approach, Innovation, Investigators and Environment.  The Grant Review Board and associated experts are also available to New Investigators for pre-application advice and assistance. Decisions will be announced within 30 days following the review of all grant applications.

Application Procedure, Deadline and Contact Information

The research component of the proposal is strictly limited to six pages and should include the following:  Abstract, Specific Aims, Background and Significance, Preliminary Data and Research Plan.  Please submit your proposal in standard NIH format with 1” margins and Arial 11 font.  For further information about the content of these sections, please contact Cheryl Talbott-Hall at (813) 396-9621.



Additional items to be submitted with proposal but not included in the six page limit. 

Attach in the following sequence:

1. Curriculum vitae of the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators in standard NIH format including current, pending and past funding.

2. Budget Justification [include description of supplies needed to fulfill the needs of the experiment(s)] .

3. Indicate if Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals or biohazards are applicable.   We will contact the applicant for documentation indicating approval of protocols after the project has been approved for funding.  Please note: funding will depend upon approval of these items by Institutional Boards. 

4. Literature Cited.  

5. An addendum, such as recent and relevant publications of the PI, or a copy of the NIH proposal’s summary statement indicating the score and the critique can be also attached.

6. Letter of support from additional collaborating participants at the end of the proposal.

Deadline for upcoming submission is 4 P.M. December 1, 2008. No exceptions will be made to this deadline.


Please send the application as an email attachment to Cheryl Talbott-Hall (below).  No proposal will be accepted without an approved internal form from the Office of Research.  If you have not registered, you can do so by visiting

Submit the application to:

Cheryl Talbott-Hall

MDC 2513

Mail code:  MDC 19

(813) 396-9621