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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

Legionella pneumophila Infection Up-Regulates Dendritic Cell Toll-Like Receptor 2 (TLR2)/TLR4 Expression and Key Maturation Markers


James Rogers, Amal Hakki, Izabella Perkins, Catherine Newton, Ray Widen,

Nicholas Burdash, Thomas Klein, and Herman Friedman*


INFECTION AND IMMUNITY, June 2007, p. 3205–3208 Vol. 75, No. 6

CpG-Induced IFN_ expands TLR4-speciWc IL-18 responses in vivo

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Legionella pneumophila Infection Up-regulates Dendritic Cell TLR 2/4 Expression
and Key Maturation Markers

James Rogers, Amal Hakki, Izabella Perkins, Catherine Newton, Ray Widen, Nicholas Burdash, Thomas Klein and Herman Friedman*
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