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Core Facilities

Core facilities in the College of Medicine are shared resources governed by the USFCOM Core Facilities Committee established in June 2006 and administered through the Office of Research. The committee is composed of basic scientists including the Basic Science Chairs of each Signature Research Program and the Director of the BSL-3 Laboratory.

The mission of the Committee is to determine how resources should be allocated to acquire and support core equipment in the College of Medicine. The Committee is responsible for setting policies for the cores, recommending equipment for purchase for the cores, setting priorities for the establishment of new cores, and determining appropriate charges for utilization of the cores.

The Office of Research is responsible for the day-to-day operation of each core under the guidance of the Scientific Research Manager.

Although a charge-back mechanism will be used to help defray some costs associated with the support and maintenance of the cores, these fees will not be sufficient to cover all expense incurred; thus, the Office of Research will be fiscally responsible for the cores. As such, all publications that include data obtained from the use of core facilities should include the following statement:

The Office of Research respectfully requests all investigators whose publications acknowledge Core Support, to provide a copy of their publication to the Scientific Research Manager in the Office of Research.




·         Center for Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting

·         Center for Microscopy & Advanced Imaging

·         Center for Genomics & Proteomics



·         Animal Systems Laboratory

·         BSL-3 Laboratory

·         Human Functional Performance Laboratory

·         Motion Analysis Laboratory