Signature Interdisciplinary Program in Cardiovascular Research
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Lawrence Berk, MD, PhD

Lawrence Berk, MD, PhD – Associate Professor, DIO/ Radiation Oncology

My main area of research is the objective and subjective measurement of radiation therapy patients’ symptoms and toxicity, and their correlation. This extends into the design and implementation of symptom management trials, including the selection and validation of Patient Reported Outcomes.

James Huhta, M.D.

James Huhta, M.D., Professor - Pediatrics and Ob-Gyn

Research interests include causes, diagnosis and prevention of congenital heart disease. Perinatal Cardiology: Cardiology for the fetus, child and mother.
Using animal models, clinical research and advanced techniques of noninvasive fetal cardiovascular function assessment we are pursing knowledge of the natural and un-natural history of congenital cardiac disease in utero.

Research area is focused on population level health, specifically cardiovascular health. My research focus is on quality of care and health outcomes of patients treated for acute coronary syndromes.

William G. Marshall, Jr. M.D., MBA

Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs and Venture Development

Research Area:

1) Transplantation of human umbilical cord-derived stem cells in acute myocardial infarction (porcine model)

2) Use of electroporation for gene delivery to the heart (porcine model)

3) Study of systemic cytokine response in myocardial infarction (porcine and human models)

Ray Olsson, M.D.

Ray Olsson, M.D., Professor – Internal Medicine

Research interests include: coronary physiology, adenosine receptor medicinal chemistry