Externships and Clinical Training
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Externships and Clinical Training

  • Externship Guidelines

    Restrictions: A maximum of (3) periods may be spent off campus in externships.

    Externships are NOT normally scheduled during the following periods without signed approval from the Associate Dean for Students Affairs and the Registrar's Office.

    • Period 11: Match Day and Graduation

    Attendance Requirements in Clinical Training Years

    Attendance requirements in the clinical training years are determined for individual courses by the respective department. Students are expected to carry out all required clinical responsibilities during these years of training. Recognizing that situations arise which require students to miss time from their clinical responsibilities, the following procedures will be followed to obtain approval to be absent. Students who must be absent are expected to acquire the same degree of clinical competence as other students involved in the course.

    1. Emergencies - illness, family illness, etc.

      Students will phone the individual faculty member or resident responsible for the course, to report their absenteeism on the first day of being absent and should indicate the nature of the emergency.

    2. Scheduled Time Off- out of town meetings, personal requests, etc.

      Students will submit a written request to the course director for permission to miss scheduled training time. The request should be submitted as far in advance as possible to the scheduled event. The decision to grant or deny the request will be at the discretion of the course director. Due consideration will be given for activities such as selected student representation to various organizations, personal requests, and residency interview. The course director will respond to the student's request in writing with a copy to the Office of Student Affairs.