Course Key
College of Medicine · Registrar

Length: The length of time a student will be in the elective

4weeks = one elective period
4 to 8 weeks indicates the elective can be taken for 1 or 2 elective periods


AM = Offered in the morning as a half-time elective
PM = offered in the afternoon as a half-time elective
One AM and one PM, OR one Full Time elective must be selected for each elective period.

Hours: The approximate hours per week the student will be involved with this elective.

Months: Each month (1-11) is designated as:

o = Open
x = Closed
s = not able to start during this month; this designation is used for electives of length greater than four weeks.

Availability: The number of students able to take an elective at an offered site during any month the elective is open.

ACH All Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg)
BFMC Bayfront Medical Center (St. Petersburg)
BPVAH Bay Pines Veterans Admin Hosp (St. Petersburg)
CF Clinical Faculty (to be assigned by department)
CCF Cleveland Clinic Florida
CCHD Citrus Country Health Department
CHCP Community Health Care Center of Pinellas
DMH Desoto Memorial Hospital (Arcadia)
FBS Florida Blood Services
FH Florida Hospital (Daytona Beach)
FMVAH Ft. Myers Veterans Affairs Hospital
FTC Fairwinds Treatment Center
HH Halifax Hospital (Daytona Beach)
HCHD Hillsborough County Health Department
HCME Hillsborough County Medical examiners Office
HEMH Helen Ellis Medical center (Tarpon Springs)
MCC Moffitt Cancer Center
MPMHC Morton Plant Mease Health Care (Clearwater)
ORHC Orlando Regional HealthCare Group (Dade City)
PCHG Premier Community HealthCare Group (Dade City)
SMH Sarasota Memorial Hopital
SCH Shriner's Children's Hospital
SJH St. Joseph's Hospital
SVMC St. Vincent Medical Center (Jacksonville)
TFHC Tampa Family Health Centers
TGH Tampa General Hospital
TRMC Tallahassee Regional Medical Center
TVAH Tampa Veterans Administration Hospital
UDI University Diagnostic Institute
UPC University Psychiatry Center
USFMC University of South Florida Medical Clinics
USFMS University of South Florida Medical School
VH Vencor Hospital
WH Women's Hospital (Tampa/Humana)