Policies and procedures concerning blood-borne pathogen exposures and exposures to communicable diseases (e.g. tuberculosis, chicken pox) are in place at each of the major clinical teaching facilities. Please see the chart below for information on who to contact in case of an exposure. Contact the appropriate person at your hospital site as well as your home insitution.

For certain exposures, students may request in writing an excused absence or be withdrawn from the course if a longer absence is required.  In the case of a communicable disease the student would be removed from direct patient care activities.    In the latter case, the student would need clearance from MCOM health administration to be permitted to return to patient care activities. 

Students are excused from clinical rotations for their initial evaluation of an exposure.  If subsequent visits and/or treatments are required that are related to the exposure, those are also excused.  The student on a clinical rotation must fill out an “Absence Request” form that is signed for approval and excuse of absence by the course director, and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, MCOM is sent a copy of the form. .The student receives written confirmation of approval of the excused absence. Using this protocol, students are informed of whatever remediation  is required to make up for lost time and clinical training.  Students who may require more time, one week or longer, because of extraordinary circumstances related to the exposure are required to notify their course director at USF in  writing (to include email correspondence) regarding the length of their absence and obtain instructions for making up missed work, if possible.  The students are then notified in writing of their make-up schedule, if possible, or the need to withdraw from the USF course.



Telephone Number

All Children’s Hospital

Susan Stauber, RN


Bayfront Medical Center

Alison Finch, RN


James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

Occupational Health Dept.

972-2000 extension 7046

Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

Employee Health Services

745-4276 or 745-4673

Shriner’s Hospital

Sheryl Chewning, RN

975-7141 or 235-3246

Tampa General Hospital

Lina Carter, RN


USF Health

Linda Lennerth, RN, MSN