Social Skills Group

Solving Communication Problems in Kids

Social Skills Group

The USF Silver Child Development Center is hosting several workshops that will help your child improve their interpersonal skills.

Solving Communication Problems in Kids - 2013 PDF
Solving Communication Problems in Young Adults - 2013 PDF

The 8-week workshops cover topics critical to improving how your child interacts with others. Children who have benefited from previous workshops have had average to above average spoken language skill ability. Groups have included children with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD/ADD, and children with no diagnosis who are having challenges developing social relationships.

What your child will learn:
  • Appropriate use of language to express self
  • Awareness of how their behavior affects others
  • Problem solving skills
  • How to develop good relationships
What you will learn:
  • Your child's individual social profile
  • How to use lessons taught to your child in the workshops at home
  • How to work with teachers to apply learned concepts
  • How to help your child increase social networks

Program Facilitator

Brenda Curtwright, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a licensed speech-language pathologist and holds the national certificate of clinical competence through the American Speech and Hearing Association. Dr. Curtwright specializes in social skills and pragmatic skill development.

Photo of Brenda Curtwright, PhD, CCC-SLP

To Register

Please call (813) 974-8067 or e-mail Dr. Brenda Curtwright at to schedule your child for the pragmatics/social skills program.

Social Skill Work Group

Program Schedule and Costs


An intake interview will need to be scheduled to determine a base level of functioning of your child which will cost $250 self-pay.


"My daughter really enjoyed the group, the safety and camaraderie of being with others like herself, the focused lessons, and the way members participated in the learning. She learned to plan and be ready for situations that had previously been unpleasant for her. She particularly liked the video session as seeing herself and others was very enlightening. Ideas were presented in a way that she readily understood and after group we would have nice discussions of what she learned and how it applied to her current situation. I cannot express how glad we are to have found this group at such a critical time for my daughter. I only wish we had found it sooner. The progress was amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Curtwright to anyone seeking a social and communication skills group."

April 2010,

I would like to take a moment to applaud your important work in social skills therapy groups. I have seen firsthand the success of your social skills classes. Our students who attend the social skills groups at the USF Silver Center have responded quite positively to your work. Our teachers have noted significant improvements due to your efforts and we so appreciate your assistance with those students.

-Administrator, Private School, Tampa