Mission Statement

"Discovering how brain development affects the behavior of children"

The great orchestration between the genetic and experiential events that enable the human brain to grow, differentiate and learn is nothing short of a miracle. But it is a miracle that can go awry, leaving the developing child vulnerable to mental and behavioral illnesses.  The human brain continues to take form during the first years of life. Early experience shapes how the brain develops, affecting forever the child's ability to process information and learn.

The last thirty years have witnessed an unprecedented increase in our knowledge of how the brain functions and how it is disrupted in various forms of mental and neurological illness. However, most of these advances have resulted from studying how adult brains function. We still know too little about the factors that interfere with normal brain development during infancy and childhood or about the disorders that result when these developmental processes do not function properly. 

The Silver Child Development Center strives to bring the same advances that have revolutionized our understanding of adult brain functioning to bear on disorders of brain development that affect children in order to make the same types of dramatic breakthroughs for them. It endeavors to be an invaluable source of up-to-date information about developmental disorders and disseminate information by collaborating with research scientists, health practitioners, school systems and affected families throughout the region.

The Silver Child Development Center includes facilities for conducting clinical trials of newly developed treatments for these disorders and provides exciting opportunities for graduate and post-graduate education.