Sam and Geri Rashid Laboratory for Developmental Neurobiology

The Sam & Geri Rashid Laboratory for Developmental Neurobiology, located in the Silver Child Development Center, was established to honor the Rashids for their efforts in securing State support for the Department. The Laboratory is currently directed by Dr. Jun Tan, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, who was appointed to the Robert A. Silver Chair in Developmental Neurobiology in 2007. The current focus of the laboratory is to investigate novel treatments for Alzheimer's disease and abnormal brain development and its related mental disorders including autism.

Current studies include:

  • establishing transdermal and other alternative vaccines for Alzheimer's disease using mouse models of the disease.
  • identifying several natural compounds which promote amyloid precursor protein (APP) α-secretase cleavage or inhibit amyloidogenic α-secretase cleavage in vitro as well as in animal models.
  • analyzing the role of microglial activation in modulation of amyloid/tau pathology in experimental animal models following administration of human umbilical cord blood cells
  • elucidating the role of molecular mechanisms in the creation of neurons and their growth in the developing fetus.