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If you have an emergency, please call 911

Anyone can request an appointment at the Neurotherapies Clinic. If a physician referral is required, our appointment staff will advise you. Some insurers require referrals. All appointments are prioritized on the basis of medical need.


If you are considering TMS, you may need to have both a medical evaluation and psychiatric assessment.

The medical evaluation is necessary for two reasons. One is that there are medical reasons why someone may not respond to antidepressant therapy. In fact, in some instances, medical illness may masquerade as a depression. Another reason to have a medical evaluation is to make sure that TMS will be safe for you.

The psychiatric assessment is to evaluate your illness and the best treatment for it. Not everyone is a candidate for TMS and this assessment will review the best possible treatment options with you and your referring physician and treatment psychiatrist.

Your primary health care provider may perform a physical examination and order laboratories. After this initial screen other relevant issues include telling your primary health care provider if:

  • You're pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.
  • You have any metal or implanted medical devices in your body.
  • You are taking medications including both presecribed medications and over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements and vitamins.
  • You have a history of seizures or epilepsy.

For most patients, there is little if any preparation needed. TMS isn't invasive, doesn't require anesthesia and will be performed in our Center for Advanced Healthcare at the South Tampa Center. Unlike other treatments like shock therapy, you will not need to arrange for someone to drive you home after treatment.


  1. You will need to request all your treatment records and have them forwarded to our Program Manager.
  2. After the records are received, you meet with our Intake Coordinator who will review your history and perform some paper and pencil tests to evaluate your mood. This will take from 1-2 hours.
  3. Following this visit, you will see one of the physicians in our psychiatric team to determine your eligibility for treatment. This appointment will take approximately one hour.
  4. If you are eligible for treatment, our Program Manager will show you the treatment area. You will be asked to sit in the reclining treatment chair. We ill have the TMS on for you to hear the clicking sound. If you have ever had an MRI for any reason, you will be familiar with that sound.
  5. All your questions will be answered by our team.


    1. MAPPING
      1. Your first treatment will be the longest period of time that you will be in our offices. It may last as long as two hours.
      2. You'll be sitting in the treatment chair and the TMS magnetic coil is placed against your scalp on an area just to the left of your forehead.
      3. The first part of the treatment will be for the purposes of “brain mapping”. This allows us to find the right setting for your treatment.
        1. It requires to initiate the TMS settings to produce stimulation by having the magnetic coil switched off and on repeatedly.
        2. This stimulation may pulse you up to 10 times a second.
        3. The stimulation results in a tapping or clicking sound that usually lasts for a few seconds, followed by a pause.
        4. During the stimulation, you will feel a light tapping sensation on your forehead.
        5. Since some individuals are bothered by the sound, you are free to bring in music to listen to.
        6. There will be a TV in the room for you to watch.
        7. You may bring your own earphones or earplugs to wear during treatments.
        8. The main purpose of mapping is to find your "motor threshold (MT)".
        9. Your MT is the minimum amount of energy needed to make your fingers or hands twitch.
        10. The magnetic coil is adjusted until the right setting is found.
        11. After your MT is found, your treatment begins.

      1. TMS requires multiple, daily treatment sessions.
        1. Most people require five treatment sessions a week for two to six weeks.
        2. All treatments will be the same.
          1. You will be seated in the TMS chair.
          2. The magnetic coil will be placed on your scalp.
          3. We will then turn on the TMS.
          4. You will hear the clicking sounds.
          5. With the clicking sounds, you will feel light tapping on your forehead.
            1. If you experience the tapping uncomfortable, please tell our staff.
          6. You will be awake and alert.
          7. You may chose to listen to music or watch TV.
          8. You may wear ear phones or ear plugs.
          9. Each treatment session lasts about 40 minutes.

      1. There are no restrictions – you can go about your everyday normal activities.

If you would like an appointment, you may call (813) 974-8328. You may also request an appointment on line by contacting