Welcome to the USF Memory Disorders Clinic, your source for comprehensive care

Are you experiencing memory loss?

Do you or does someone you know:

  • Forget important events or appointments?
  • Have difficulty in recalling the details of important conversations?
  • Have trouble remembering the names of friends, relatives, or well-known people?
  • Forget what you want to say in the middle of a conversation?
  • Get confused when someone gives you details or instructions?

Is memory loss normal? Is it age related?

Significant memory problems are not a part of the normal aging process and may reflect an underlying illness.

What causes memory loss? Is it serious? Is it Alzheimer’s disease?

Memory loss could be the result of either stress, psychological problems, depression, or medical conditions that include thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, vitamin deficiencies, arteriosclerosis, and stroke. In addition, memory loss can also be caused by a variety of brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

What can I do?

Accurate diagnosis of the illness underlying the problem is critical because several of these illnesses are treatable. However, while memory loss is relatively easy to detect and measure, the underlying illness is often difficult to diagnose. A thorough evaluation of the causes of the memory disorder requires an examination of physical health, psychological well-being, lifestyle, and medical history.

At the USF Memory Disorders Clinic

Patients with memory problems are assessed by an interdisciplinary team of specialists from USF Morsani College of Medicine with expertise in geriatric psychiatry, behavioral neurology, neuropsychology, gerontology and neuroradiology.

Their evaluation typically includes a physical and neurological examinations, psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluations, a psychosocial evaluation, a thorough medical history, laboratory testing, and radiological studies of the brain. If necessary, consultation from other USF physicians may be included in the comprehensive evaluation. Based on this information, an accurate diagnosis and appropriate plan of care can be developed.

Following this comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, the USF Memory Disorders Clinic staff will develop a plan of care with the patient’s primary care physician or provide treatment directly to the patient in many cases. Patients with severe memory loss and their families or caregivers, face multiple issues and must sometimes make difficult decisions. The staff at the USF Memory Disorders Clinic can provide counseling to assist with these difficult decisions.

Service and Comprehensive Care

The USF Memory Disorders Clinic provides assistance for the overall management of each patient and addresses the individual needs of patients, their caregivers, and their families. Treatments may include medical care, behavior management, counseling, and referral to community resources, as well as access to new investigational drug therapies being evaluated at USF.

Department of Elder Affairs

The USF Memory Disorder Clinic is 1 of 15 state designated Memory Disorder Clinics in the State of Florida. The Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, through the support of the Governor and Legislators, encourages innovative approaches and projects addressing the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders in this state.

Research, Education and Training

USF conducts world-renowned research in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. These efforts may eventually lead to advances in our knowledge of this area, improve our ability to diagnose these disorders and also result in more effective treatments. As a facility in an academic environment, the USF Memory Disorders Clinic benefits from the scholarly activities of its core staff and also from the activities of other USF Physicians, professional staff, and researchers.

The clinic has access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including MRI, which is located at the USF campus. In addition, USF conducts many clinical trials with not only existing medications but also with innovative compounds that are not yet available in the community. When appropriate, the clinic staff can assist in the access to these treatments.

In addition to diagnostic and treatment services, a very important mission of this Clinic is to provide educational services. We educate not only physicians, medical students and others at USF - but this service is available to the community upon request. Potential recipients of these services include support groups, Alzheimer’s Associations, assisted living facilities, law enforcement officers and many others.

Prepare for your Visit

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Memory loss is detrimental, but help is available. Please contact us if you or someone you know is suffering from a memory problem.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us at the USF Memory Disorders Clinic: (813) 974-3100.