Message from the Director of Education


These are exciting, but uncertain times for all of medicine. While no one is yet entirely sure where the healthcare system is heading, one thing is for certain: there will always be sick patients needing to be looked after by thoughtful and well trained physicians.

Psychiatry is undoubtedly the most interesting and challenging branch of medicine. The last 20 years have witnessed unprecedented advances in our understanding of the brain as a complex chemical information system that regulates every aspect of human thought, emotion and behavior. Mental, addictive and behavioral disorders can now be understood in terms of changes in brain chemistry that have both genetic and developmental origins. The next twenty years promises even more. We now have the technologies to begin to unravel the molecular processes involved in regulating human behavior, both adaptively and maladaptively. The psychiatric clinician of tomorrow will have a much broader understanding of disordered minds and brains, and a much wider armamentarium to deal with them. Young people entering the field today stand on the threshold of a new era of hope and discovery that will transform it in ways that are still largely unimaginable.

The goal of our training program is simply to turn out well rounded graduates who are comfortable and proficient with both the psychologic and the biologic aspects of our field. We strive to educate, as well as to train, so that our graduates will be able to keep abreast of the changes that will occur after they leave us. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge as well as to disseminating it, and have a number of exciting research opportunities available for our trainees. And we are of manageable size, fairly flexible, and located in one of the most vital and pleasant young cities in the country. We look forward to meeting you personally.
Isis Marrero, M.D.
Residency Training Director