Current Residents

Level Name Medical School
Chief General Resident Gregory Sullivan M.D. University of Arkansas
PGY-1 Ogugua Anene-Maidoh M.D. Medical College of Wisconsin
PGY-1 Matthew Morrison M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-1 Adam Fusick M.D. The Commonwealth Medical College
PGY-1 Steven Gunther M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-1 Rihan Javid D.O. Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic
PGY-1 Nicole Meier M.D. Florida State University
PGY-1 John Miller M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-1 Solaine Perez Polanco M.D. University of Puerto Rico
PGY-1 Dmitri Zouev M.D. East Carolina University
PGY-2 Grace Lee D.O. Nova Southeastern University
PGY-2 Matthew Morrison M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-2 Ankita Patel M.D. Florida State University
PGY-2 Neel Patel M.D. Medical University of Lublin
PGY-2 Eric Quintero M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-2 Autumn Schultz M.D. Wayne State University
PGY-2 Haider Shahid M.D. West Virginia University
PGY-2 Philip Wasef M.D. Florida International University
PGY-3 Kristina Chechotka M.D. University of South Florida
PGY-3 Bintou Gassama M.D. Medical College of Georgia
PGY-3 Kristie Jetter M.D. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
PGY-3 Lauren Kelley D.O. Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
PGY-3 Christina Martin M.D. Loyola University of Chicago
PGY-3 Scott Nelson M.D. Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin
PGY-3 Kyle Stephens M.D. University of Louisville
PGY-3 Jennifer Yehl M.D. Medical University of South Carolina
PGY-4 Caroline Cruz M.D. Jefferson Medical College
PGY-4 Daniel Garay M.D. Universidad Central del Caribe School of Med.
PGY-4 Heidi Lahteenmaa D.O. Touro Univ. of Nevada College of Osteopathic
PGY-4 Ryan Smitherman M.D. University of Tennessee
Child & Adolescent
Chief Child Resident Endra Sookoor D.O. Univ. of North Texas College of Osteopathic Med.
PGY-4 Noah Matilsky M.D. Technion Israel Institute of Technology
PGY-4 Bradley Zicherman M.D. American University of the Caribbean
PGY-5 Shana Kirby M.D. Wayne State University
PGY-5 Athari Alyazidi M.D. King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia
PGY-5 Adria Savino M.D. University of Texas
PGY-5 Christi Leach M.D. University of South Dakota
PGY-5 William Whiting D.O. Des Moines University