Site Information

We are an Academic Research Site with an established track record of successfully conducting over 100 industry-sponsored clinical trials and investigator-initiated clinical trials. We have experience in Phase I-IV trials and have established ourselves as a reliable and consistent site providing our sponsors with clean data and meeting our recruitment goals over 90% of the time.

As recognized experts in research, as well as cutting-edge treatments in our community, our site has successfully engaged the Greater Tampa Bay area community in research. Our recruitment area covers over 6 counties with a population of over 3.2 million. The Tampa Bay community is a community rich in diversity - with both family and retirement communities.

Additionally, we are part of a large academic practice site. Our outpatient clinic volume is over 18,000 visits annually with a database of over 6,000 names. We also maintain a database of healthy volunteers for our Phase I studies. The USF psychiatrists also provide psychiatric service at a local affiliate Level I trauma center hospital were they serve as medical director of psychiatry, manage a 22-bed inpatient unit and a 6-bed psychiatric emergency room, and provide psychiatric consult liaison services.

We hope this information will be helpful as you look for qualified investigators for your next clinical trial. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.