Clinical Assessment Services

What can I expect?

The goal of an assessment is threefold:

  1. to provide an accurate diagnosis
  2. to inform treatment recommendations, and
  3. to monitor progress.

To this end we offer comprehensive transdisciplinary assessments, which can include a standardized parent interview (ADI), standardized observation (ADOS), achievement testing, cognitive testing, speech-language testing, and interviews with teachers and other professionals.

Assessments are tailored to child and family needs. Assessments typically require at minimum three visits to the clinic: a one- to two-hour testing session with the child, a two- to three-hour parent interview session, and a one- to two-hour feedback session. All families will receive a comprehensive report detailing assessment results and providing treatment recommendations.

Families may return at any time for follow-up evaluations in order to assess a child’s progress and obtain updated treatment recommendations.

What are the ADI and ADOS?

The Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) are regarded to be the “gold standard” diagnostic assessments for individuals who show autism spectrum characteristics.

  • The ADI is a parent interview that collects information about a child’s early development, communication, social interaction, and patterns of behavior.
  • The ADOS is a semi-structured, standardized observation of communication, social interaction, and play/imaginative use of materials.
  • Both the ADI and the ADOS can be used to assess individuals from a range of ages and abilities.