Clinical Intervention Services

The clinic offers a range of services to individuals of all ages and abilities. Many of our services are detailed below. If you desire a service that you do not see listed, please call us to see if we can help or can refer you to someone who can. We collaborate with other providers both within and outside of the University of South Florida.

Parent-Child Therapy is available to teach caregivers specific methods of interaction that optimize communication, social skills, play and other appropriate behaviors.

Individual Therapy is tailored to patient needs and family input, and may draw from developmental theory (e.g., floor time, play-based therapy), behavioral theory (e.g., ABA, pivotal response training), structured teaching, and cognitive-behavioral theory.

Medication Consultation and Management is available to individuals presenting with autism spectrum characteristics.

Program Consultation is available to families and professionals to guide program development, coordinate intervention services, and train and supervise therapists.

Individual, Marital, and Family Therapy is available to all members of the family unit to address issues related to raising a child with special needs.

Social Skills Groups are available to children presenting with autism spectrum disorders to work on skills such as conversation, perspective-taking, and social behaviors.