Resident Scholarship


2016 Residents

Dr. Lauren Swanson, Newly-recruited Intestinal Macrophages in Human NEC and Murine NEC-like Injury Display an Inflammatory Phenotype 

Dr. Kejal Desai, The MOM Project: Addressing Barriers to Providing Mothers Own Milk in VLBW Infants 

Michael Dressing, Development of a Scale to Measure Academic Related Anxiety Following Concussion

2015 Graduates

Drs. Dornshuld and Dr. Perez presented "Understanding Parental Perceptions of Children’s Body Image, Health and Dietary Intake in Panama".

Dr. Driver presented "Safety and Feasibility of Auricular Acupuncture in NAS Syndrome".

Dr. Gillispie presented "A Novel Case Report of Congenital AML in a Child with Beckwith-Wiedemann, Rates of Remission in Polyarticular JIA: A Practice Based Study" and received the Ephraim Engleman Residency Research Preceptorship; project at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

Dr. Gross published 4 projects during residency: "Protocol for a Systemic Review on the Extent of Non-publication of Research Studies and Associated Study Characteristics", "Management of Infants Born with Thrombocytopenia", "Atlanto-axial-subluxation after Adenoidectomy", and "Neuroretinitis Stellata in Pediatric Lime Disease". She also had a poster presentation at FMA poster symposium. 

Dr. Guthrie published a "Case Report-A Novel Case of Congenital AML in a Child with Beckwith-Wiedemann".

Drs. Baldwin and Desai presented a poster "Risk of Mortality in Infants with Critical Congenital Heart Disease and Feeding Intolerance Requiring Gastrostomy Tube Placement".

Dr. Wright presented "Incidentally Found Brain Tumors in Pediatrics: Addressing a Current Treatment Dilemma".

Drs. Driver and Gao presented "Safety and Efficacy of Bedside Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Placement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit".

Dr. Kimberly Law presented "Esophageal Diverticulum and High-Grade Esophageal Structure Responsive to Serial Balloon Dilation and Nutritional Therapy".

Drs. Baldwin and Desai presented "Safety and Outcomes of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement in Infants Less than Five Kilograms with Critical Congenital Heart Defects".

Dr. Telepak presented "Risk of Mortality in Various Subgroups with Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension".

2014 Graduates

Dr. Melinda Murphy, Dr. Elimarys Perez-Colon, Dr. Shalini Patel and Dr. Amarilis Sanchez-Valle presented “Mesenteric Gaucher Cell Pseudotumor – A Rare Cause for Diarrhea and Tetany in a 19 Year-old Gaucher Type 3B Patient” at the International Congress of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Barcelona, Spain in September, 2013.  

Dr. Laura Blood had a paper accepted for publication in Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice entitled "Daptomycin Prevention of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus Bacteremia in Colonized Patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia”.  She also published a case report entitled "A 12-Month-Old Boy with Pneumonia and Hepatitis”in Clinical Infectious Diseases. 

Dr. Noah Grams published a paper in Consultant for Pediatricians in 2012 entitled "Catfish Spine Evenomation". 

Dr. Philip Matar published a paper in Consultant for Pediatricians entitled “SAPHO Syndrome: Emergency Room”. 

Drs. Kim Chau and Jacqueline Nguyen worked on a project entitled "Quality Improvement: Parent and Provider perception and education of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in the NICU and outpatient setting." Drs. Chau and Nguyen presented this paper at several meetings and have a manuscript in progress. 

Dr. Mariah Gillispie (2015 graduate) has been awarded The Ephraim P. Engleman Research Preceptorship through the American College of Rheumatology by the Rheumatology Research Foundation for 2013. Her project focuses on comparing the time to clinical remission in patients with systemic JIA on disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) such as Methotrexate to patients with systemic JIA on biologic therapies (specifically Etanercept). The primary goal is to determine if time to clinical remission is shorter for patients on biologics compared to those who are on DMARDs. 

Dr. Erika Pasciuta has submitted a case report to Pediatric Emergency Care reviewing Luxatio Erecta. She also is currently working on a consecutive series comparing adequacy of immobilization and neutral spine position between long spine board and vacuum mattress spinal motion restriction methods. Quality Improvement projects include analgesia during minor abscess management in the ED, and efficacy of evaluation following rotations to improve rotations. 

Dr. Kelly Montgomery is conducting a study entitled “Retrospective Review of Patients with Trauma Admitted and Re-Admitted to the Emergency Room”. 

Dr. Shaila Siraj is actively working on a research project in Bangladesh entitled “Assessing Malnutrition Among Children Under Five Years of Age in the Meghna River Char Island Community in Bangladesh Using MUAC”.