Angel Luciano, MD

College Of Medicine Pediatrics

ECMO Medical Director, Pediatrics, University of South Florida/Tampa General Hospital

Contact Info 1 Tampa General Circle
Suite F170
Tampa, FL 33606

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  • Post doctoral fellowship, Immunology, Case Western Reserve University, 2008
  • MD, Medicine, University Of Puerto Rico, 2001

Research Interests

  • Neonatal immunology and clinical outcomes


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (Member, 2013 - Present)
  • Society for Pediatric Research (Member, 2011 - Present)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (Fellow, 2004 - Present)

Recent Publications

  • Remon, JI.Amin, SC.Mehendale, SR.Rao, R.Luciano, AA.Garzon, SA.Maheshwari, A. Depth of bacterial invasion in resected intestinal tissue predicts mortality in surgical necrotizing enterocolitis. Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association. , 2015.
  • Thais Queliz Peña and Angel A. Luciano Cord Blood T Lymphocytes Homeostasis and Prenatal Inflammation: A Proposed Model of Poor Clinical Outcomes Ann Pediatr Child Health. 1(2) : 1006, 2014.
  • Groer M, AA Luciano , Dishaw LJ, Ashmeade TL, Gilbert JA and Miller E Development of the Preterm Infant Gut Microbiome: A Research Priority. Microbiome. 2(38) , 2014.
  • Angel A. Luciano, Ileana M. Arbona-Ramirez, Rene Ruiz, Braulio J. Llorens-Bonilla, Denise G. Martinez-Lopez, Nicholas Funderburg, Morna J. Dorsey Alterations in Regulatory T Cell Subpopulations Seen in Preterm Infants PLoS ONE. 5(9) : e95867, 2014.
  • Martinez-Lopez, DG.Funderburg, NT.Cerissi, A.Rifaie, R.Aviles-Medina, L.Llorens-Bonilla, BJ.Sleasman, J.Luciano, AA. Lipopolysaccharide and soluble CD14 in cord blood plasma are associated with prematurity and chorioamnionitis. Pediatric research. , 2013.
  • Sugimoto J, Romani AM, Valentin-Torres AM, Luciano AA, Ramirez Kitchen CM, Funderburg N, Mesiano S, Bernstein HB. Magnesium decreases inflammatory cytokine production: a novel innate immunomodulatory mechanism Journal of Immunology. 12(188) : 6338-46, 2012.
  • Rodriguez B, Bazdar DA, Funderburg N, Asaad R, Luciano AA, Yadavalli G, Kalayjian RC, Lederman MM, Sieg SF. Frequencies of FoxP3+ naive T cells are related to both viral load and naive T cell proliferation responses in HIV disease. Journal Leuk Biol. 3(90) : 621-8, 2011.
  • Luciano, AA.Yu, H.Jackson, LW.Wolfe, LA.Bernstein, HB. Preterm labor and chorioamnionitis are associated with neonatal T cell activation. PloS ONE. 2(6) : e16698, 2011.
  • Crespo M, Martinez DG, Cerissi A, Rivera-Reyes B, Bernstein HB, Lederman MM, Sieg SF, Luciano AA. Neonatal T-cell maturation and homing receptor responses to Toll-like receptor ligands differ from those of adult naive T cells: relationship to prematurity. Pediatric Research. 2(71) : 136-43, 2011.
  • Funderburg, NT.Mayne, E.Sieg, SF.Asaad, R.Jiang, W.Kalinowska, M.Luciano, AA.Stevens, W.Rodriguez, B.Brenchley, JM.Douek, DC.Lederman, MM. Increased tissue factor expression on circulating monocytes in chronic HIV infection: relationship to in vivo coagulation and immune activation. Blood. 2(115) : 161-7, 2010.
  • Funderburg, N.Luciano, AA.Jiang, W.Rodriguez, B.Sieg, SF.Lederman, MM. Toll-like receptor ligands induce human T cell activation and death, a model for HIV pathogenesis. PloS one. 4(3) : e1915, 2008.
  • Luciano AA, Lederman MM, Valentin-Torres A, Bazdar DA, Sieg SF. Impaired induction of CD27 and CD28 predicts naive CD4 T cell proliferation defects in HIV disease. Jounral of Immunology. 6(179) : 3543-9, 2007.
  • Ryan ET, Crean TI, Kochi SK, John M, Luciano AA, Killeen KP, Klose KE, Calderwood SB. Development of a DeltaglnA balanced lethal plasmid system for expression of heterologous antigens by attenuated vaccine vector strains of Vibrio cholerae. Infec Immun. 1(68) : 221-6, 2000.