Alfonso Campos, MD

Assoc Professor, College Of Medicine Surgery

Associate Professor, College Of Medicine Pediatrics

Division Chief, College Of Medicine Pediatrics

Academic Email:


  • MD, National University Of San Marcos, 1973

Recent Publications

  • Campos A, Chamyan G, Gunasekaran S, Gilbert-Barness E. Pathology teach and tell: cellular mesoblastic nephroma. Pediatric pathology & molecular medicine. 20(5) : 439-44
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  • Garin EH, Orta-Sibu N, Campos A. Primary vesicoureteral reflux in childhood. Advances in pediatrics. 49: 341-57, 2002.
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  • Garin EH, Campos A, Homsy Y. Primary vesicoureteral reflux: review of current concepts. Pediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany). 12(3) : 249-56, 1998.
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