Children's Research Institute

A $12.2 million building with more than 50,000 square feet of space, is designed to provide world-class laboratories for USF researchers at ACH Johns Hopkins Medicine and four USF endowed chairs in pediatrics. The building will be home to as many as 100 researchers in the fields of immunology, allergy, cardiac transplantation, endocrinology, molecular cardiology, developmental pediatrics and child health policy and will provide a setting for their studies that will encourage collaboration and intellectual exchange. Many areas are currently under investigation in the fields of basic immunology, clinical immunology, allergy, asthma, transplantation and nutrition. Fellows are involved in one or more studies, and innovative projects are especially encouraged.

Allergy/Immunology Laboratory

Fellows rotate through the Allergy/Immunology Laboratory, and through hands-on experience, learn basic immunologic analyses and learn firsthand the rationale for most clinical and research procedures. A very productive research laboratory is available to foster specific research interests. Projects are encouraged, especially during the second year of training when sufficient skill has been acquired to permit independent research. In the ACH Department of Pathology & Lab Medicine, tissue typing is routinely performed not only for bone marrow transplant candidates but also in association with immunologically-based diseases.