Other Projects

Neurofibromatosis (Moffitt Foundation)
Florida Neurofibromatosis Research Network (FNRN)

The FNRN is a new resource for Neurofibromatosis (NF) families who are interested in participating in clinical trials and NF research. By taking the time to register with the NFRN contact registry, patients and family member(s) will have opportunities to enroll in NF research. The goal of this network is to promote the development of novel NF research and to enhance research outcomes by connecting researchers and families, increasing the number of research participants. This site provides information about the Florida Neurofibromatosis Research Network, how to enroll in the network, other resources where patients and families can learn more about NF.

On the Web: www.fnrn.org

Additional Projects

  • Vasculitis Outcomes Measures: Development and Validation (JHU R01 AR051874)
  • Advanced Cancer Detection Center (USF DAMD 170120056)
  • Targeted Drug Therapy for LGL Leukemia (Moffitt R01 CA112112)