The Anti-Interleukin-1 in Diabetes Action Trial

The aim of the Anti-Interleukin-1 in Diabetes Action trial (AIDA) study is to test the feasibility, safety/tolerability and potential efficacy of anti-IL-1 therapy in maintaining or enhancing beta-cell function in people with new-onset Type 1 diabetes.

Sites Include:

  • Aalborg Hospital (Aalborg, Denmark)
  • Aarhus University Hospital (Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Bispebjerg University Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • German Diabetes Centre (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • Hospital Arnau de Vilanova (Lleida, Spain)
  • Hospital Universitario Insular de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas de GC, Spain)
  • Hospital de Cruces (Barakaldo, Spain)
  • Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Leiden University Medical Center (Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Medical University of Bialystok (Bialystok, Poland)
  • Munich University of Technology (Munich, Germany)
  • Hillerod Hospital (Hillerod, Denmark)
  • Steno Diabetes Center (Gentofte, Denmark)
  • Ulm University (Ulm/Donau, Germany)
  • University Campus Bio-Medico (Rome, Italy)
  • University Hospital Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
  • University Hospital Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt, Germany)

JDRF: 8-2002-175