Physician Assistant Program

Application Process (Entering class 2015)

The application process outlined below is tentative; pending accreditation.

  • Step 1: Submit CASPA Application

    All applications must be submitted through the Central Application Service for PAs (CASPA).

    Information required for the CASPA application includes the following:

    • General Information
    • Transcript(s)
      • - Please do not send transcripts to the USF Physician Assistant (PA) Program.
      • - All transcripts sent to the program before acceptance will be discarded.
      • - We will require students to send official transcripts directly to USF after being accepted into the program.
    • Work Experience
    • Narrative Statement
    • Verifiable Patient Care Experience
      • - All verifiable direct care experience hours should be listed in the CASPA application.
      • - You will have an opportunity to share your experiences in your personal statement, secondary application (if selected to receive), and interview (if invited).
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation (LOR)
      • - The program strongly suggest that at least one LOR is from a PA or physician with whom you’ve had clinical experience.
      • - LOR’s should contain an assessment of your personal qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and your suitability for career in the PA profession.
      • - LOR’s from family members, friends, or clergy will not be accepted as official references.
    • GRE/MACT Scores
      • - CASPA Specific USF GRE Code:8854
        • -- GRE scores must be submitted via CASPA with the CASPA specific USF GRE code.
        • -- Any GRE/MACT scores sent directly to USF will be discarded.

    CASPA Application Fee

    The fee for utilizing the CASPA application service is $135.00 (for applying to one school) before September 1 and $175.00 for applicants applying on or after September 1, with an additional $45 for each program designation, and must be paid before CASPA will provide an application.

    • USF will not appear as a school you can apply to in CASPA. If provisionally accredited, USF will appear in early October.

    In consideration for many Military Veteran’s fragmented and non-traditional college pathways, Veteran’s applications will be reviewed for training courses they may have received academic credit for through the appropriate educational institutions (e.g., Community College of the Air Force, Community College of the Army, University of Maryland, etc.).

  • Step 2: Secondary Application/Graduate School Application Fee

    In addition to the CASPA application, ALL applicants must complete and submit a USF MCOM Physician Assistant Program secondary application, a residency affidavit and pay the $30 graduate school application fee (a link will appear here if provisionally accredited). If the secondary application and residency affidavit are not submitted your application will not be considered for interview.

  • Step 3: Interview

    Our interview process is intended to assess interviewee’s non-cognitive skills.

    Applicants selected to interview will be invited to attend an on-campus interview beginning tentatively in January 2015.

    Please note that USF PA Program does not admit applicants on a "rolling" basis.

    Offers of admission will be made beginning in late-February.

  • Step 4: Selected Students

    Selected students will be required to submit the following documents:

    • State Residency Affidavit (can be scanned and uploaded electronically)
    • Background Check
      • - CASPA requires applicants to disclose any felony convictions.
      • - In addition, the USF PA Program Secondary Application requires applicants to disclose if they have ever been charged or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony or other crime other than minor traffic violations (i.e. speeding), or do you have such a case pending.
    • Technical Standards
      • - Signed document confirming acceptance of technical standards
    • Health requirements
      • - Physical exam certification
      • - Proof of health insurance
      • - Communicable disease prevention certification.