Physician Assistant Program

Admissions Requirements (Tentative; pending accreditation)

The University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM), Physician Assistant program follows the philosophy of the “whole person” concept. The program prerequisites are not hard and fast rules for admission, but will be utilized by the admissions office in conjunction with a “holistic approach” to identify individuals who will meet the mission and goals of the MCOM. Individuals uniquely qualified by life experience and courses that may not be specific courses but meet or exceed listed recommended courses in content and rigor will be considered on an individual case basis. Strong justification will be requested for prerequisites not met.

Courses to be counted as prerequisites should be those courses taken in a postsecondary learning environment. Enrollment at a four year institution or a community college during that time is strongly preferred.

The following prerequisites are very strongly recommended for successful applicants:

  • Program Requirements

    Undergraduate Education

    A baccalaureate degree from a United States of America regionally accredited college or university, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a four point grading scale and a science GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale is preferred. Coursework taken outside of the United States will not be accepted, regardless if the transcript has been made equivalent by a U.S. institution for purposes of undergraduate enrollment. Applicants who are currently pursuing graduate level work toward a Ph.D. or other professional degree must complete all degree requirements prior to matriculation into the PA Programs. Upper level courses completed longer than 5 years prior to application will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    Standardized Test Scores

    All applicants are required to submit official scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with their application, attention USF MCOM, Physician Assistant Program. The GRE and MCAT must have been taken within the past 3 years and must be taken early enough for official scores to be received in the admissions office by the supplemental application due date of February 15, 2015. Applications are not complete without GRE or MCAT scores.

  • Prerequisites

    Basic Science Requirements

    The program very strongly recommends the following subjects passed with a grade of C or better: (Advanced Placement (AP) courses will not be accepted for prerequsites designated by *.)



    College Algebra or better


    General Chemistry I (w/ lab)


    General Chemistry II (w/ lab)


    General Microbiology (w/ lab)


    General Biology (w/ lab)
    -OR- Zoology (w/ lab)


    Human Anatomy & Physiology I (w/ lab)


    Human Anatomy & Physiology II (w/ lab)


    Organic Chemistry
    -OR- Biochemistry




    English Composition or Public Speaking


    English Literature or other Humanity


    Humanities/ Arts


    Social Sciences


    Courses in the following subject areas will augment the applicant’s solid foundation in preparation for the rigors of Physician Assistant education:

    • Medical Terminology
    • Sociology
    • Physics
    • Technical Writing
    • Nutrition
    • Public Health
    • Genetics
    • Communications
    • Psychology
    • Anthropology
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Medical Ethics
    • Wellness
  • Preferred Experiences

    Direct Patient Care Experience

    Direct patient care experience is highly preferred, however, no minimum amount of direct patient care hours are mandated as a program prerequisite. Applicants must have an awareness of the intricacies of health care delivery as it exists today and be prepared to commit to a profession that aids the sick and injured. Applicants will be expected to have some in-depth experience with direct ‘hands-on’ health care experience. This may include, but is not limited to, experience as a medical assistant, military corpsman, EMT or paramedic, nurse, surgical technician, athletic trainer, health educator, therapy aide, medical scribe or Peace Corps volunteer or other cross-cultural health care experience.