Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The Master of Science in Medical Sciences, Concentration in Athletic Training (MSAT) Program shall provide a rigorous graduate-level educational program with an emphasis on youth sport injury to certified athletic trainers who are motivated and committed to professional advancement. The USF College of Medicine is committed to providing a unique and enriching program that combines a comprehensive and innovative curriculum with flexible delivery and global accessibility for athletic trainers.

Mission Statement

The MSAT Program is specifically designed for certified athletic trainers and delivers challenging graduate- level coursework via a hybrid educational approach (both online and in person coursework). The philosophy of the program is that all professional athletic trainers who have the motivation and desire for additional education should have the opportunity to pursue advanced education within the field of athletic training while accommodating the scheduling demands of the profession.

The program will offer a flexible and accessible option in graduate-level education specifically tailored for athletic trainers. It will expand their knowledge base in order to enhance their clinical practice, while supporting both personal and professional development. The program will maintain the highest standards and most current field knowledge by incorporating courses taught by experienced faculty and subject-area experts from around the country. We are committed to the ongoing evaluation of the curriculum to ensure that students receive the most current information related to the practice of athletic training.

The curriculum in the program is focused on issues pertaining to youth sport injury, a timely concern in the athletic training profession given the increased demand and need for qualified, certified athletic trainers in the secondary school setting.

Ultimately, the MSAT Program within the USF College of Medicine aspires to be a program of renowned quality and distinction.