General OB/GYN

Marisa Baker, M.D., Assistant Professor
Karen Bruder, M.D., Associate Professor and Division Director
Sheila Connery, M.D., Associate Professor
Carol Cox, M.D., Assistant Professor
Aparna Dacha, M.D., Assistant Professor
Meredith Gray, M.D., Assistant Professor
Shelly Holmstrom, M.D., Associate Professor
Catherine M. Lynch, M.D., Associate Vice President for Women’s Health, Professor
Dawn Palaszewski, M.D., Assistant Professor
James Palmer, M.D., Assistant Professor
David Rapkin, M.D., Assistant Professor
Rachel Rapkin, M.D., Assistant Professor
Scott Riddell, M.D., Assistant Professor
Jose Luis Terrazas, M.D., Assistant Professor
Patrick Teefey, M.D., Assistant Professor

Gynecology Oncology

Mitchel Hoffman, M.D., Professor and Division Director

Division of Gynecology

J. Kell Williams, M.D., Professor and Division Director

Gynecologic Ultrasound

Lauri Hochberg, M.D., Assistant Professor


Lennox Hoyte, M.D., Professor and Division Director
Renee Bassaly, D.O., Assistant Professor
Stuart Hart, M.D., Associate Professor

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Anthony Imudia, M.D., Assistant Professor
James Mayer, M.D., Associate Professor
Shayne Plosker, M.D., Associate Professor and Division Director
Ying Ying, Ph.D., Embryologist, Assistant Professor

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Judette Louis, M.D., M.P.H., Interim Division Chief, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Jerome Yankowitz, M.D., James M. Ingram Professor and Chairman
Valerie E. Whiteman, M.D., Associate Professor
Stephanie Romero, M.D., Assistant Professor

Midwifery Division

Jessica Brumley, CNM, Ph.D, Division Director
Pam Kelly, CNM
Fuying Runyan, ANRP, CNM

Research Division

John C.M. Tsibris, Ph.D., Professor and Division Director
Ozlem Kayisli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Umit Kayisli, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rebecca Kukla, Ph.D., Professor (Joint/Adjunct Appointment)
Maja Okuka, M.S., Research Assistant
Nihan Sermeci, Ph.D., Research Assistant

Clinical Research Division

Caroline Young, ARNP, Assistant Director
Melissa Cardenas, Research Coordinator

Education Division

Shelley Holmstrom, M.D., Assistant Residency Program Director
James Mayer, M.D., Director of Women's Health Care Student Education
James Palmer, M.D., Residency Program Director