Suggested Reading List


Handbook of Neurosurgery 7th edition (2010) 
Greenberg, Mark S.
ISBN 978-1-60406-326-4

Physical Examination

Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System 4th edition (2000) 
O'Brien, M.D.
ISBN 0702025127

General Reference

Principles of Neurosurgery 2nd edition (2005) 
Rengachary, Setti
ISBN 0723432228

Youmans Neurological Surgery 5th edition (2004) 
Winn, Richard
ISBN 072168291x

Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

Manter and Gatz's Essential of Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology 10th edition (2003) Gilman, Sid
ISBN 0-8036-0772-5

Core Text Neuroanatomy (1991) 
Carpenter, Malcolm
ISBN 0683014579

Operative Atlas

Cranial Anatomy and Surgical Approaches (2003) 
Rhoton Jr, Albert
ISBN 0148-396x

Kempe's Operative Neurosurgery 2nd edition (2004) 
Salcman, Heros, Laws Jr., Sonntag
ISBN 0-387-98537-9


Principles of Neural Science 4th edition (2000)
Kandel & Schwartz
ISBN 0838577016


Neuropathology (2004) 
Ellison & Love
ISBN 0723432392

Practical Review of Neuropathology (2001) 
Fuller & Goodman
ISBN 0-7817-2778-2


Diagnostic Neuroradiology (1994) 
Osborn, Anne
ISBN 0801674867

Diagnostic Cerebral Angiography 2nd edition (1999) 
Osborn, Anne
ISBN 0397584040

Diagnostic Imaging: Brain (2004) 
Osborn, Anne
ISBN 0721629059

Diagnostic Imaging: Spine (2004) 
Ross, Jeff
ISBN 072162880X

Neuroradiology: The Requisites (2003) 
Grossman & Yousem
ISBN 032300508X

Critical Care

Critical Care Neurology and Neurosurgery (2004) 
Suarez, Jose
ISBN 1588290891

The ICU Book 2nd edition (1998) 
Marino, Paul
ISBN 0683055658

ABNS Board Review

The Definitive Neurological Surgery Board Review (2004) 
Moore, Shawn
ISBN 1405104597

Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review (2000) 
Citow, Jonathan
ISBN 0-86577-889-2

Neurosurgical Board Review: Q and A (2004) 
Alleyne, CargillM
ISBN 0865779570

Intensive Neurosurgical Board Review: Q and A (2005) 
Psarros, Thomas
ISBN 1405104791