Foreign And International Medical Graduates

FMG and IMG are welcome to apply our neurosurgical residency program. It is our goal to provide the quality of education necessary to become a competent and independent practicing neurosurgeon to any individual who meets the criteria and with whom we match through the NRMP.

Qualified individuals must:

  • Have a J1 Visa only
  • Participate in the National Registry Match Program (for more information contact
  • One year of clinical (patient) experience in the United States
  • Medical Graduation date of no more than three years prior to application
  • Completion of the USMLE Step 1 and 2 with a passing score on the first attempt

For any additional information or questions please contact
Colleen Stevens
Academic Services Administrator
Graduate Medical Education
University of South Florida
P: 813-844-7412
F: 813-844-7995