The Cahill Legacy

The David W. Cahill M.D. Endowed Professorship Campaign Drive

Dr. David W. Cahill, former professor, chairman and founder of the Department of Neurological Surgery at USF, was an international renowned neurosurgeon of "alarming intelligence" noted for his teaching and his innovation in spinal instrumentation.

His contributions to the field of neurosurgery are recorded in more than 100 published articles and books. Loved by his residents, respected by his colleagues, and feared by any who attempted to challenge his breadth and depth of knowledge, Dr. Cahill, who passed tragically and suddenly, will be remembered as the consummate surgeon, devoted to family and patients.

Why create the David W. Cahill, MB Endowed Professorship?

Because the true measure of any university is the caliber of its faculty. They bring ideas to life in the classroom, innovate in the clinical environment and create critical partnerships within the community. It is not surprising that universities nationwide have set the recruitment and retention of top-notch faculty as their most important goal.

With Excellence as our hallmarks, it is also not surprising that the USF Department of Neurosurgery would select Dr. David W. Cahill as the namesake for its first ever endowed position.

A Powerful Tool

At a time when competition among universities for leading faculty is intensifying, The University of South Florida must be bold.

Endowed faculty positions are the single most powerful tool available for attracting and retaining the world's finest scholars, clinicians and teachers, who in turn attract other outstanding faculty and student.

Our challenge is to attract and retain the few leading edge thinkers in neurosurgery to join our already outstanding faculty at USF.

Help Build the Legacy

The David W. Cahill, MD, Endowed Professorship will be the first endowment in the Department of Neurosurgery and the first major gift secured as part of the Brain Health Endowment at USF.

Your tax-deductible gift is a valuable part of our $600,000 fundraising goal for the Professorship. The State of Florida will match our combined contributions, allowing our $600,000 endowment to become a $1 million endowment.

Gifts will be accepted for the College of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery by the USF Foundation, a 501-c-3 direct support organization of the University of South Florida.

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