The USF Health Byrd Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Center has been involved in the evaluation and development of almost every new medication and surgical procedure for Park inson's Disease in the last 20 years. Multiple independent and sponsored studies are conducted at our center. Dr. Hauser's research work has included the development of clinical trial designs and outcome measures, evaluation of cell transplant therapies, and the development of new medical and surgical therapies. Dr. Hauser is lead investigator for national and international clinical trials and serves on steering committees for several drug development programs and clinical trials.

You may qualify for enrollment in one of the following clinical trials. Please be advised that each clinical trial has certain criteria and a screening visit for qualification is required.

Early PD

Diagnosis of PD for 2 years or less on no treatment
Male or Female – 30 years or older
Length: 60 months (15 clinic visits)

Diagnosis of PD less than 5 years and on a stable dose of rasagiline or selegiline for at least 8 weeks but no more than 8 months.
Male or female – 30 years or older
Length: 44 weeks (6 clinic visits, 1 phone call)

Advanced PD

Diagnosis of PD with levodopa-induced dyskinesia.
Subjects completing study may be eligible for open-label long term safety study to follow.
Male or female – 30-80 years
Length: 13 weeks (9 clinic visits)

Cervical Dystonia

Diagnosis of CD with less than 10 weeks of benefit from onabotulinumtoxinA treatment
Male or female – 18-81 years
Length: 30-32 months

If you would like further information regarding our current and future research please contact:

Sherry Harlan, Research Administrator at 813 396-0768.

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