Amorce Lima, MS

Postdoctoral Scholar Research, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine

College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine

Contact Info 144 SW Essex Dr.
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984

Academic Email:

Academic Phone: (813) 974-8588


  • PhD, Medical Sciences, University Of South Florida, 2014

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease

Research Interests

  • My research focuses on the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo model to study Bartonella henselae infection and host response. B. henselae infection causes a wide range of symptoms ranging from the self-limiting Cat Scratch disease to a more severe Bacillary Angiomatosis seen primarily in immunocompromised individuals. BA is characterized by tumor-like lesions at the site of infection. Several virulence factors have been characterized in B. henselae and associated with Bartonella-induced pathogenesis. To date, there has not been a practical in vivo model to reproduce the characteristics of human infection with B. henselae. As a vertebrate, the zebrafish embryo model offers various characteristics, which make it a suitable model to study Bartonella infection and host response. They share similarities with the human immune system; their ex-utero development makes it much easier for genetic manipulation and their transparency at the embryo stage makes them very suitable for microscopic analysis.