Jillian Whelan

Graduate Research Assistant, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine

Contact Info 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd
MDC 3143
Tampa , FL 33612

Academic Email: jwhelan@health.usf.edu

Academic Phone: (813) 974-1834


  • B.S., Biology, Northeastern University, 2010

Interdisciplinary and Emerging Signature Programs

  • Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease

Research Interests

  • I am currently working in a virology lab to determine how respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) nonstructural protein 2 (NS2) interacts with the host to antagonize the interferon response and enhance viral replication. Specifically, I am concentrating on identifying protein-protein interactions between NS2 and the host ubiquitin system, as well as identifying NS2 residues that are essential for its function.