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Kenneth Ugen, Ph.D.

Professor, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine
  • My research focuses on applied and translational immunology
  • with the goal of developing and characterizing novel gene based
  • vaccines and therapies against infectious agents and cancer.
  • Previous funded work has centered on vaccine development
  • against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers Disease
  • as well as the development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics
  • against HIV. Current research emphasis is centering on methods
  • for delivering novel gene and peptide based therapies against cancer
  • Basic molecular and immunological methods are being used in the
  • lab to pursue these goals
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Bosko Stojanovski

Graduate Research Assistant, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine
  • Research in our lab is aimed at studying the enzymological aspects of heme biosynthesis, particularly the initial enzyme of the pathway, 5-aminolevulinate synthase (ALAS), and the final enzyme, ferrochelatase. The main aim of my project is understanding how specific structural region of ALAS affect the enzymatic mechanism, kinetics, and conformational dynamics. Another area of interest is the characterization of the folding pathway of ALAS to its native state, as well as understanding the biochemical and biophysical properties of any stable, partially folded intermediates.

Jonathan Sabbagh, PhD

College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine