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Susan Pross, Ph.D.

Professor, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine
  • In my role of Director of the Scholarly Concentrations Program I am involved in development and assessment of this elective opportunity for student scholarship and individuation.
  • I am a trained immunologist and microbiologist and did research in the field of immunology for many years. More recently, my focus has changed to education. As such I serve as a Course Director in Year 2 and Director of the Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP). I am also involved in curriculum development and assessment. I have published and run workshops regarding educational issues and have helped mentor students on educational projects.
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Amorce Lima, MS

Postdoctoral Scholar Research, College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine
  • My research focuses on the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo model to study Bartonella henselae infection and host response. B. henselae infection causes a wide range of symptoms ranging from the self-limiting Cat Scratch disease to a more severe Bacillary Angiomatosis seen primarily in immunocompromised individuals. BA is characterized by tumor-like lesions at the site of infection. Several virulence factors have been characterized in B. henselae and associated with Bartonella-induced pathogenesis. To date, there has not been a practical in vivo model to reproduce the characteristics of human infection with B. henselae. As a vertebrate, the zebrafish embryo model offers various characteristics, which make it a suitable model to study Bartonella infection and host response. They share similarities with the human immune system; their ex-utero development makes it much easier for genetic manipulation and their transparency at the embryo stage makes them very suitable for microscopic analysis.

Jonathan Sabbagh, PhD

College Of Medicine Molecular Medicine