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Date Event Location
01/30 Comprehensive Qualifying Exam: Marvin Duvalsaint


Date Event Location
02/17 Defense of Dissertation: Myrna Ortiz
02/17 External Chair Seminar: Jose Conejo-Garcia, MD, PhD


Date Event Location
03/20 Defense of Dissertation: Erica Fratz
03/25 Defense of Dissertation: Josh Radke
03/25 External Chair Seminar: Anthony Sinai, PhD


Date Event Location


Date Event Location
05/01 Defense of Dissertation: Derek Nichols
05/02 AMSGS Banquet


Date Event Location
06/16 Defense of Dissertation: Laura Blair
06/16 External Chair for Defense of Laura Blair:Rake Kayed , PhD
06/17 Defense of Dissertation: Carrie Butler
06/17 External Chair for Defense of Carrie Butler:Peter Bradley , PhD


Date Event Location
07/07 Defense of Dissertation: Amorce Lima
07/07 External Chair for Defense of Amorce Lima:Michael Minnick, PhD


Date Event Location


Date Event Location


Date Event Location
11/10 Defense of Dissertation:Emmanuel Smith


Date Event Location

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