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All seminars are held in MDL 1005 at 11:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.


Date Event Location
01/10 Bioscience Semiar: Anatoliy Gashev, MD PhD
01/17 Bioscience Seminar: Clayton, Yates, PhD
01/24 Bioscience Seminar: Rolando Rumbaut, MD, PhD
01/31 Bioscience Seminar-Ronald Desrosiers, PhD


Date Event Location
02/07 Bioscience Seminar: Benjamin Wolozin, MD, PhD
02/28 Bioscience Seminar: Andrew Mark, MD


Date Event Location
03/21 Bioscience Seminar: Yingming Zhao, PhD
03/28 Bioscience Seminar: Larissa Shimoda


Date Event Location
04/04 Bioscience Seminar: Ray Stokes Peebles, MD
04/11 Bioscience Seminar: Heather True-Krob
04/18 Bioscience Seminar: John Hiscott, PhD
04/25 Bioscience Seminar: Duncan Krause, PhD


Date Event Location
05/02 Bioscience Seminar: Adam Renslo, PhD
05/09 Bioscience Seminar: Brian Rowan, PhD


Date Event Location


Date Event Location


Date Event Location
09/12 Bioscience: John Hiscott, PhD
09/19 Bioscience: Kathryn Wikenheiser-Brokamp, MD, PhD
09/26 Bioscience: Kurt Brunden, PhD


Date Event Location
10/03 Bioscience: Pablo Ortiz, MS, PhD
10/10 Bioscience: Ming Ming, Zhou, PHD
10/17 Bioscience: W. Dalton Dietrich, PhD
10/24 Bioscience: D. Allan Butterbield, PhD
10/31 Bioscience: W. Daniel Stamer, PhD


Date Event Location
11/07 Bioscience: Zhenkun Lou, PhD
11/14 Bioscience: Edward Mitre, MD


Date Event Location
12/05 Bioscience: Brian Blagg, PhD
12/12 Bioscience: Donald McDonnell, PhD

For more information about these events, please contact Dana Pettaway

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