Department of Molecular Medicine
Molecular Medicine - College of Medicine - USF-Health

Course Number Course Title Credit Days/Times Course Director
  FALL 2011      
GMS 6115 Medical Parasitology & Mycology 3 Th 1-3pm Andres Seyfang, PhD
GMS 6001 Foundations in Biomedical Science 6   Eric Bennett, PhD
GMS 7939 Graduate Seminar/ Work in Progress 1 W 4-5pm Andres Seyfang, PhD
GMS 6101 Molecular & Cellular Immunology 3 T,Th 9:30-12pm Kenneth Ugen, Phd
Subhra Mohapatra, PhD
Srinivas Nagaraj, PhD
BSC 6436 Intro to Biotechnology 3 M, W 11-1pm Inge Wefes, PhD
GMS 7939 Biotechnology Forum 1 Th 12-2pm Inge Wefes, PhD
BCH 6888 Bioinformatics I &II 4 T, Th 10-12pm Vladimir Uversky, PhD
GMS 6141 Basic Medical Microbiology & Immunology 3 M, W 3:30-5pm Ingrid Bahner, PhD
Kenneth Ugen, PhD
GMS 6016 Basic Medical Genetics 3 T, Th 3:30- 5pm George Blanck, PhD