MD Program

Student-Centered Spaces


The Center for Advanced Clinical
is a state of the art facility
where MCOM medical students are
taught and evaluated on their clinical
skills using state-of-the-art technologies
and immersive experiences.


The Shimberg Health Sciences Library is located on the USF-Tampa campus and
serves USF Health students, faculty and staff.

Anatomy Labs

The MCOM Anatomy program provides a new state-of-the-art facility for the education of anatomy through both cadaver dissection and digital imaging platforms for medical students, graduate students, residents and fellows.  The gross anatomy laboratory consists of 24 dissection tables and allows hands on dissection under the guidance of anatomy faculty.  Student observation is also provided through a closed circuit monitor system in the lab.  Pro-section capabilities can be displayed at each of the stations through the use of a centralized overhead projection system.  A digital imaging instructional platform is also being used to supplement anatomy dissection in the laboratory.  The facility is under a high security, swipe card system.  The Anatomy Laboratory Director is responsible for assuring the highest standards of operation of the laboratory according to policies of the College, the University, the Anatomical Board of Florida, and the State.


The WELL – standing for Wellness, Engagement, Leadership and Learning –
is the new name of the Shared Student
Services area, which houses student support
offices from all USF Health colleges. It also
offers additional study space for students.

Group Learning Rooms

The Group Learning (GL) Rooms are our
new, dedicated spaces for courses, study,
and collaboration. They are equipped with
the newest technologies to enhance our
students' experience.

Student Gym & Relaxation Room

We have a student gym and relaxation room
helping our students stay healthy and find a positive school/life balance.

Clinical & Health Sites

Our medical students have the opportunity to learn at an extraordinary range
of hospitals and teaching centers - among the best and busiest in the nation.
In addition, USF Health boasts the area's largest medical practice, with more
than 400 physicians treating some 500,000 patients each year.