Student Research at Morsani College of Medicine

Photo courtesy of Eric Younghans, USF Health Communications

Most medical students engage in research as part of the Scholarly Concentrations Program supported through The Office of Research, Innovation & Scholarly Endeavors (RISE). RISE aims to provide a centralized resource to promote and support students engaged in research, scholarship, innovation and creative endeavors.

MCOM 2016 Student Summer Research Award

The MCOM 2016 Student Summer Research Award is available to medical students for medical research performed under the guidance of the faculty of the Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM). The goal is to foster student scholarship in biomedical discovery and scholarly inquiry and to encourage students to consider a future academic career in biomedical research. Please contact Ms. Roberta (Bobby) Collins at for more information (and password for application). Open to MCOM medical students only. Applications due: March 7th, 2016.

See What Our Students Are Doing

Some of the research projects being done by MCOM's current medical students can be found on their class pages (in the left hand navigation). The impressiveness of the student accomplishments listed is demonstrated by presentations at local and national meetings, publications in peer-reviewed journals, creative endeavors, and sustainable service projects.


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Oral Presentations

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Oral Presentations

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