Scholarly Concentrations

Scholarly Concentrations

Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary field which applies humanities, social science and the arts to the medical field, incorporating basic sciences and clinical curricula. Attention to literature and the arts assist in creating and nurturing skills of observation, analysis, empathy and self-reflection that are essential for compassionate medical care. These sensitivities, which affect individual experiences of illness and the way medicine is practiced, help us understand how bioscience and medicine take place within cultural and societal contexts.


Year 1

Students in years 1 through 3 will conduct in-depth explorations in the following areas of Medical Humanities: Physician Writers, Film Stories and Visual Arts. During the first year students will work together as a team to identify and discuss pieces of art that reveal aspects of medicine, patient care, and suffering. They will also arrange a professional exhibit of these selections.

Year 2

Students will select one or more writers to read comprehensively. In addition to scheduled progress reports, a scholarly, researched paper and presentation are required that focus on style, content, and evaluation. These are due in March of year two.

Year 3

Students will consider separately and collectively the value and importance of selected films that deal with human complexities, specifically how they illuminate and enlarge student perspectives about others and themselves. Requirements and screening dates will be discussed in seminar sessions.

Year 4

Special Project Options: Writing, reader’s theater, drawing, music, etc. and New York City in January


Academic Program will also include these opportunities: Readings and Group Discussions with Various Faculty, Special Theater Events, Museums Visits to USF Contemporary Art Museum, Dali Museum, Ringling Museum, Tampa Museum, Films at The Tampa Theater and Burns Court with discussion opportunities.

Faculty Leadership


Lois LaCivita Nixon, PhD, MPH, MAT, MLitt

Marrissa Cook, MA


Barbara Pearce, MA