Scholarly Concentrations

Scholarly Concentrations

Medicine & Gender

This concentration seeks to engage the student in a comprehensive experience of educational, research and community activities with the goal of achieving competency in Gender-Specific Medicine; the science of how normal human biology differs between men and women, and how gender impacts the healthcare of the individual. Students are expected to develop expertise and proficiency in many of the emerging fields of gender-specific medicine including topics in anatomy, physiology and behavior. Students will learn to recognize and address gender biases in healthcare delivery and facilitate making sound medical decisions based on these gender-specific issues.


Year 1

  • Discuss basic gender concept, gender bias, gender equity and equality and gender as a social determinant of health
  • Learn gender differences in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology
  • Discuss pathophysiology, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases for conditions that differ by gender
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with patients based on gender and cultural differences and how to perform appropriate history and physical examination
  • Discuss the impact of gender based social and cultural beliefs on health and health care of patients
  • Research education in preparation for the summer project

Year 2

  • Identify gender specific research topics, project selection and mentor identification
  • Assess and critically evaluate existing and new knowledge through a gender lens and identifying gaps and biases in healthcare research
  • Discuss the impact of gender differences on healthcare delivery systems

Year 3

  • Implementation of research project, data collection, analysis and presentation and related community involvement

Year 4

  • Completion of the program and project presentation


Students will meet regularly with their mentors and peers for lectures and work-in-progress sessions on research projects. The program will have three overlapping components:

  1. Monthly seminars, presentations by top scholars in the field
  2. Research: clinical and laboratory experience, conference presentation and publication
  3. Community service

Faculty Leadership


Sadaf Aslam, MD