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For more information on these programs, you may contact the Office of Student Diversity & Enrichment (OSDE).

Pre-Matriculation Program

The pre-matriculation program provides an environment which fosters academic success in the USF College of Medicine curriculum. This will be accomplished through assessment and application of skills in time management, communication, identifying learning issues, researching new information, acquiring knowledge objectives, reading comprehension, and test-taking. It offers a case-based learning system which encompasses subjects from the first two years of the medical school curriculum. Please view more detailed program information about the Pre-Matriculation program.

Pre-Health Summer Enrichment Program (PSEP)

The College of Medicine and the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) provides an intensive six-week full time summer program for highly motivated undergraduate students who are preparing for a career in the health professions. The PSEP program helps participants to enhance the science and communications skills and provides exposure to medicine through clinical experiences. Please view more detailed program information about the PSEP program.