Morsani College of
Medicine Admissions

Letters of Recommendation of Core and SELECT

How are letters of recommendation submitted?

  • All letters of recommendation MUST be submitted through AMCAS. AMCAS has several ways to allow for successful integration of letters of reference into your application. If you have not completed the "Letters of Evaluation" section of your AMCAS application, please contact AMCAS to determine the best way to upload letters. Please visit the AMCAS letters webpage for additional information. 

  • Do NOT have your letters mailed directly to USF Morsani College of Medicine, they will not be accepted. 

  • Be sure you have completed all the steps in AMCAS to release your letters to USF MCOM. 

  • Often times students do not check off the appropriate boxes to submit their AMCAS application and therefore letters do not populate correctly to their application. If your letters do not populate to your application, your application cannot be considered.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

USF MCOM recommends a student submit 5 letters of recommendation.

  • While five (5) letters of recommendation is recommended, it is REQUIRED that at least two (2) letters come from faculty who have taught you in a formal course: *TA is not considered faculty.
    • Letters can originate from basic science faculty. Science faculty includes but is not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math
    • Non-science faculty includes but is not limited to: Psychology, English, Humanities, Anthropology, History
  • Additional letters of recommendation can be faculty letters or character letters from individuals who can speak of your abilities and attributes outside of an academic setting. Character letters should not be from a family member, peer or a relative. Character letters should corroborate your experiences in AMCAS. They should include but are not limited to: Physicians you’ve shadowed, Research Mentors, Volunteer Coordinators/Supervisors, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit one (1) letter of recommendation, your application will not be complete and cannot be considered. Please check the status of your application to ensure you have completed the USF MCOM Secondary Application Requirements.

What about a Committee letter packet?

Some schools will offer a Committee Evaluation letter or a Letter Packet to compile your individual letters. See Option 1 below for more information on this process. However, some schools will not offer Committee letter packets, and in that case the applicant is expected to seek out 5 separate recommendations (at least two letters must be from a faculty member). The applicant will have these 5 separate letters sent to AMCAS from the recommenders. For additional information on how to submit letters to AMCAS, please visit

Options to fulfill the Letters of Recommendation Requirement

Option 1: If your school has a Letter Packet that includes the letters

  • Submit the pre-professional Letter Packet from your undergraduate institution directly to AMCAS
    • No further Letters of Recommendation are needed

Option 2: If your school has a Committee Evaluation Letter

  • Submit the pre-professional Committee Evaluation Letter from your undergraduate institution directly to AMCAS

    • This will only fulfill the Faculty portion of our Letters of Recommendation requirement.

  • Submit additional faculty/character letters.

Option 3: If you submit individual letters

  • Submit at least two (2) Faculty letters of recommendation (see criteria above)
  • Submit additional Faculty/Character letters (see criteria above)

For Non-Traditional Applicants

If you have been out of school for more than two years, and can no longer get letters from an undergraduate professor, or you cannot get a "non" science faculty letter, you may submit letters from a lab supervisor or an employment supervisor. You still must submit at least 2 letters of recommendation.