Additional Expenses

MD Financial Aid

Additional Expenses

Books and Supplies

Actual prices of required texts for each class are obtained from the Morsani College of Medicine Bookstore. In addition, the cost of attendance includes an allowance for medical instruments and miscellaneous supplies.

Personal Expenses

Included in this category are costs, as applicable for each class, for the following items:

  • laundry, cleaning, supplies
  • entertainment
  • clothing, haircuts
  • miscellaneous (journal fees, membership dues)
  • health insurance
  • dental checkup
  • U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations (Step I, II and Step II CS)
  • graduation costs (cap & gown, announcements)

Commuting Expenses

Travel costs are included in the student budgets. The amount in the Junior and Senior year students' budget is greater in this category than the Freshman and Sophomore budget since travel to area hospitals is required. The cost of a USF parking decal is also included in this category.