Information for Accepted Students

MD Financial Aid

Gaining Access to your Health account and e-mail

IMPORTANT – Do These Steps In Order! Each step takes time to complete – some steps take several days. Start the process early so you can receive all of your Financial Aid updates. If you were a non-Health USF student before, please see below for how to update your preferred email address to your Health account.

First – Get your Student ID (U-Number)

Your U-Number is your unique identifier at USF. You will need it to request your Health account. If you are a former USF student and already know your U-number, please skip.

  1. Access the U-number retrieval.
  2. Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) and Social Security Number (no dashes).
  3. You will receive the U-number; write it down.

There is also a budget for students who live at home with their parents. The allowances for room and board are of course lower in the "Living with Parents" budget than the "Living Away" budget.

Second – Get your USF Health Computer Account

Your Health computer account will provide access to the Health network and e-mail. To apply for this account have your Health username and password available before you apply for the USF NetID (CANVAS). If you already have a non-Health email address registered in NetID, see item 6 under "Activate Your USF NetID" for information on changing the address.

  1. Access the New Account Request.
  2. Select Your Role at USF HEALTH: Student.
  3. Enter Your Date of Birth.
  4. Enter your Student U-Number.
  5. Enter your own password. Strong passwords are required, this means the password must be at least seven characters in length and contain three of these four types of characters: one or more upper case characters, one or more lower case characters, one or more numbers, and/or one or more special characters (example: !, @, #, $, %...). We recommend "pass phrases" be utilized. To do this, pick a phrase, then use the first character of each word. For example: Phrase: "My cat has nine lives and four legs" Password: "Mch9la4l".
  6. Enter two security questions that only you will know (Elementary School and a Four Digit Pin). Note: our help desk cannot retrieve this for you, so make sure to remember this information.
  7. Create Your Account. An Account will be created instantly. Note: Your email will be enabled and accessible in two days.
  8. The Health account allows you to utilize the local network at USF Health. You will have access to e-mail and calendar via MS Exchange and a personal folder for storage.

Note: You can use your health email account to access any NetID systems two business days after account creation. Simply put your entire email account into the username field (i.e. and your password will be the same as your Health account password.

Third – Change or update your mailing address in OASIS

This step is required to ensure that you receive your financial aid information on time. This step can only be completed at least 48 hours or more after your account is created.

  1. Go to the USF NetID single Sign-on at least 2 days after you create your Health Account
  2. Use your Health account (i.e. as the netID.
  3. Use the password you created in step 5 above.
  4. On the ribbon on the landing page, click “OASIS”.
  5. .Select “Personal Information” from the menu.
  6. Select “Update Addresses and Phones” from the menu.
  7. Choose “Permanent (stable, long term)” as the type of address to insert. The minimum to fill out is Address line 1, City State/province, and Zip/postal code for USA addresses. Foreign addresses require Address line 1, City, and Nation.
  8. Click “Submit.